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Medical Emergency Procedures

Wayne State libraries will be prepared to provide basic first aid, while summoning necessary emergency assistance. Locations of First Aid Kits are building specific (see below).

A list of qualified persons who have had First Aid and CPR training will be maintained by the Emergency Coordinators.

Any serious accident or injury incurred on library property or during a library activity off campus should be reported to Public Safety no later than 24 hours after the occurrence.

Although some staff members are trained in basic first aid and CPR procedures, they are not to be considered medical experts. The first aid kits are to be used only in cases of emergency.

First Aid for a Serious Injury
  1. Call Public Safety, 577-2222.
  2. Evaluate the situation. Unless the victim is in further danger, DO NOT MOVE HIM/HER.
  3. If victim is breathing and has a pulse, control bleeding by applying pressure to wound.
    • Apply pressure directly to wound.
    • Elevate wound above the level of the heart.
    • Apply dressings.
    • If bleeding doesn't stop, apply additional dressings. Squeeze artery against bone.
  4. If the victim is not breathing but has a pulse, begin Rescue Breathing.
    • Tilt head, lift chin, 2 slow breaths. Chest should rise.
      • Check for pulse.
      • Continue with 1 slow breath every 5 seconds.
      • Recheck pulse every minute.
    • If breath will not go in.
      • Re-tilt head. Give breaths again
      • If air still won't go in, give abdominal thrusts. (Victim on hard surface on back, place heel of your hand in middle of abdomen, thrust up.)
      • Sweep out mouth
      • Tilt head again and give breaths. Repeat until chest rises.
  5. If the victim is not breathing, and there is no pulse, begin CPR.
    • First do rescue breathing, then:
      • Position hands two fingers above where ribs join.
      • Position shoulders over hands, compress 15 times.
      • Recheck pulse and breathing for 5 seconds.
      • Continue sets of 15 compressions to 2 breaths until help arrives.
  6. Keep victim as comfortable as possible until help arrives. Control for shock by providing a blanket or jacket for cover.

Medical Emergency Procedures - Building Specific

David Adamany Undergraduate Library
First Aid Kits are located at the Access Desk, the Extended Study Area Security Desk, the Office for Teaching and Learning, and the Dean's Office.

Arthur Neef Law Library
Under development.

Oakland Center Library
Part of Oakland Center plan.

Purdy/Kresge Library
First Aid Kits are located at the Purdy Services Desk, Kresge Services Desk, Collection Support, Interlibrary Loan, Media Services, Information Services, LISP, and Computer Support Team offices on the 4th floor.

Science and Engineering Library
The First Aid Kit is located in the room 115, on the bookshelf on the left hand side of the room as you enter through the main door.

Shiffman Medical Library and Pharmacy/Health Sciences LRC
Under development.