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Procedures for Dealing with Truant Students

The following are the procedures for dealing with minors under 16 who are found to be in the libraries during school hours. They are largely based on City Ordinance 33-3-4, which states that it is a violation for a "minor under 16 enrolled in a day school [to] remain in a public place during school hours."

If the day shift Monitor has reason to suspect that an individual is a minor under the age of 16, he will identify the individual, and ascertain his or her age and what school he or she attends. The Monitor will contact the school to determine if it is open. If it is, the Monitor will call Public Safety, and Public Safety will take charge of the individual and handle the situation from there.

If the school is legitimately closed, and the individual is under 14, the Monitor will exercise his judgment to determine if the child is at risk (in which case he would contact Public Safety) or will ask the individual to leave based on our policy regarding unaccompanied children under 14 in the library.

In the absence of an available Monitor, Library staff may follow the above procedure.

In addition, Detroit Police have some officers assigned to truancy enforcement. From time to time they work directly with Public Safety to enforce school attendance regulations. Our Monitors cooperate in such joint efforts.