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Bomb Threats

Bomb threats should be taken seriously. Should an unidentified or suspicious package, a threatening note, threatening graffiti, or a threatening call be received, contact Public Safety at 7-2222.

General Considerations

  • If a threatening call is received, take down as much information as possible from the caller. Do not hang up the phone.
  • Contact Public Safety, then contact the Library Director and all other members of the Emergency Team to give them advance warning.
  • If a suspicious object is located, DO NOT attempt to open it, examine it, or move it. Keep all persons away from the area.
  • Remain calm.
  • Do not evacuate the building until or unless told to do so by Public Safety. It is often far more dangerous to evacuate in the absence of knowing the location of a device than it is to remain in the building.

Emergency Response
In the event an explosive device is located by Public Safety, or if Public Safety has deemed the threat to be sufficient to evacuate, the following announcement should be made by the Emergency Team Coordinator or alternate:
"May I have your attention please? The building is being evacuated at the request of Wayne State's Public Safety officers. Please remain calm and leave the building, using the main stairs and exit by the front entrance. Handicapped persons may use the elevators. Thank you." (Repeat if necessary.)

  • Staff should aid in building evacuation, using fire evacuation plan, except that the elevators can be used to evacuate the handicapped.
  • The Building Coordinator or alternate will provide necessary keys to rooms, lockers, etc. to Public Safety to aid in the search.
Building Specific Procedures

David Adamany Undergraduate Library
The Access Desk should call all members of the Emergency Team, Receiving, (7-4014), Storage (7-5595), and the Writing Center (7-2544) to report the evacuation.

Arthur Neef Law Library
No additional instructions.

Oakland Center Library
Part of Oakland Center plan.

Purdy/Kresge Library
No additional instructions.

Science and Engineering Library
No additional instructions.

Shiffman Medical Library and Pharmacy/Health Sciences LRC
No additional instructions.