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Hazardous Materials Release Emergency Procedures

  • Avoid contact with toxic substances, and keep patrons and guests away from the area until help arrives.
  • Contact Public Safety, 7-2222. They will contact Environmental Health or other appropriate agency. Wait for instructions.
  • If immediate danger is present, prepare to evacuate.
**DRAFT** Chemical/Biological Release **DRAFT**
Pending OK from the Fire Marshall, and Environmental Health and Safety Office

If a chemical or biological release is reported in the building immediately
  • Call 7-2222. Request Fire Department. Have them contact Building Engineer to have the air conditioning turned off immediately.
  • If caught in a Chemical cloud, run through it while holding your breath.
  • Get out of the cloud to a safe place, and remove your clothing.
  • Douse yourself with water or have Fire department hose you down to remove any chemicals on your skin.
  • If inside a building during chemical/biological releases outdoors, stay indoors, get the air conditioning turned off.
  • If the chemical/biological release is indoors, get air conditioning turned off, announce building evacuation over PA using the following text:

    "May I have your attention please. The building is being evacuated at the request of Wayne State's Public Safety officers. Please remain calm and leave the building down the stairway and exit by the front doors."
    • Notify all other groups in the building and get out immediately.
    • Wait for information/instructions from Public Safety.