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Severe Weather Emergency Procedures

In the event of a National Weather Service alert containing warnings of severe thunderstorms, possibly with hail and lightening, Access Desk staff will notify Emergency Team members in the library of the weather alert. Emergency Team members will notify other staff in their area of the weather conditions.

All staff should perform the following actions in their work areas for the duration of the storm warning:
  • Seek shelter inside away from windows.
  • Close blinds or other window coverings.
  • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances, other than computers.
  • To avoid electrical shock, do not use or come in contact with electrical outlets, energized appliances, or phones.
Access Desk staff near the WeatherAlert radio should continue to monitor for the end of the storm warning. If the warning is upgraded to a tornado warning, follow procedures for Tornado Emergencies.

Student Assistants and/or staff should circulate around the library and tell patrons of the severe weather. They should encourage staff and patrons in the building to move to the interior of the building away from potential flying glass. Encourage students and patrons to avoid atriums and front entrance areas. Try to keep them in the building until the storm passes.