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Law Library Collections

NOTE: Please use the Articles & Databases (law) and the online catalog in order to access most of these resources (both pages will take you through the WSU authentication process for remote access using your WSU AccessID) 

Anagram Collection

(Lower Level, Range 12-14)

Collection classified "anagram style" (putting together the first letters from the first two words of the main subject of the material e.g.: ConLaw for Constitutional Law). This obsolete system was used by the library until the late '60s.


All items included on the Law School Booklist are part of the Course Reserve collection. An annotated copy of the list can be found at the front of the Course Reserve book located on the Circulation/Information desk.

Code of Federal Regulations

  • online: GPO Access (1996-date); HeinOnline (1938-date; 1988-2001 coverage is uneven)
  • print: 1938-2003, Lower Level (Range 28-32)

Congressional Record

  • online: GPO Access (1994-date); LexisNexis Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection (available Sept. 2008)
  • print: 1789-2003, Lower Level (Range 51-57)

Course Reserves

(First Level, Reserve)

Course Reserves are items held for a specific professor's course. Items may include books, audiovisual materials, etc. Access to Course Reserves can be obtained through the Course Reserve Book arranged alphabetically by faculty members' names. When requesting course reserve materials, please give the Desk Attendant the faculty member's name and the item number and whether it is a photocopy or a book. The loan period is 3 hours unless the professor specifically requests a longer or shorter loan period. These items DO NOT circulate outside the library. Fines are charged at $0.05/minute on items returned late.

Federal Register

Foreign Law

Print collection is made up of court reports and treatises of major countries with emphasis on Canada and Great Britain. These materials are arranged by call number which can be determined through the WSU library catalog. Please feel free to consult a librarian for assistance in using the collection

Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC)

The Law Library Microform Consortium began producing microfiche in 1973. In 2003 LLMC-Digital was formed. Since then information has been converted to digital images. Microfiche in this collection are located in the Lower Level. Most specialized titles are cataloged and appear in the online catalog. We own all microfiche titles produced by LLMC.

Legal Indexes

For locating periodical articles in law, criminal justice, and the social sciences use the following indexes:

  • online: HeinOnline, IndexMaster, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, Index to Legal Periodicals, LegalTrac (access titles via Articles & Databases)
  • print: Index to Legal Periodicals, Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Second Level, Index Table)

Looseleaf Services

Looseleaf services describe current developments in specific legal or business topics, such as labor, tax, securities, etc.

  • online: BNA, CCH, RIA (access titles via Articles & Databases)
  • print: BNA, CCH, RIA, First Level (Range 137-141; arranged alphabetically by publisher's name; within each publisher's name, the sets are arranged alphabetically by title)

Main Collection

General legal encyclopedias, federal statutes, reports, digests and regional reporters:


The Michigan Collection comprises Supreme Court Reports, Appellate Court Reports, public acts, compiled laws, statutes, administrative regulations, Attorney General reports, digests, bills and status tables

Superseded Michigan Statutes and court rules are located in the Superseded Collection in the Lower Level.

Michigan Supreme Court Records and Briefs

1960- (v. 359) - First Level (Range 120-124); v.1 (1854)-v.358 (1959), coverage uneven, UGL Storage)

Collection of briefs of cases decided by the Michigan Supreme Court. Briefs are bound and arranged by their Michigan Reports citation (volume and page)


(First Level and Lower Level)

The Microform Collection contains over 200,000 volumes of historical materials, U.S. government documents, and current congressional publications, bar journals and all publications of the Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC). File Cabinets #1-4 are located on the First Level 1 and #5-38, 50-52 are located on the Lower Level. The format for the majority of the collection is microfiche.


(Lower Level, Range 18-24)

This area contains monographs and journals identified as OVERSIZE in the call number.


(Bound volumes: Second Level, Ranges 294-347; 292-293 Weekly Law Gazette -Z; Current issues: First Level, Reserve)

The Library subscribes to the major legal journals, law reviews and newspapers. Unbound current issues are kept on Reserve behind the Circulation Desk, all bound volumes are shelved alphabetically according to the library catalog "shelved as" note -- in most cases this is by title, on the Second Level. Most law reviews are also contained in HeinOnline (see under Articles & Databases)

PLI Collection

(Lower Level, Range 83-85)

Group of course handbooks published by Practicing Law Institute. Law Library no longer subscribes to the series.


(Lower Level, Reserve)

The Reserve Collection is made up of heavily used hornbooks, nutshells, restatements, casebooks, and treatises, frequently consulted Michigan and Federal material, and all unbound periodicals. These materials are in high demand; therefore we restrict them to use within the Library. We appreciate your cooperation in the careful use of these materials.


All Shepard's citators (access via Articles & Databases) except "Acts and Cases By Popular Names" are available online and are accessed via the library's public terminals located by the Reference Desk.

Special Collections

(Second Level)

The Law Library has several special collections. Most are in the treatise and monograph collection:

Others are located in the Special Collection Room (Second Level):

Access to materials in the Special Collections Room must be arranged in advance with a reference librarian. Call the reference desk at 313-577-6180 or contact a librarian at neefref at wayne dot edu.

State Materials

(Lower Level, Range 101-115, 116-136 Historical State reports)

Legal materials for all states, except Michigan, are arranged in alphabetical order by state.

The collection occupies the majority of the stacks on the North side of the First Level. The collection contains current statutes, some state digests, court rules, jury instructions and some encyclopedias. Older session laws and some attorney general opinions are located in the Microform Collection.

Official reports of all states, except for California and New York, were cancelled in early 1990-s and are shelved separately. Consult the regional reporters for current cases. Historical materials are also available on LLMC Digital.


A small collection including Michigan Supreme Court Records and Briefs prior to 1959, monographs cataloged in the obsolete Dewey classification and older Martindale Hubbell Law Directories are part of the Storage Collection located in the lower level of the Undergraduate Library. Use the online storage request form to request delivery.


(Lower Level, Range 14-17)

Superseded Materials in this collection are kept for historical study. This collection includes some federal statutes, Michigan statutes, bound pocket parts from MCLA from 1993- onward, court rules, some treatises, Michigan Statutes Annotated, U. S. Code Service, Corpus Juris and American Jurisprudence.

Treatises and Monographs

(Second Level, Range 200-291 )

This collection is arranged by call number. Access to the titles in this collection is through the library's online catalog.

United Nations Documents

Official documents and various print indexes are located in the Lower Level.

U.S. Congressional Historical Hearings

  • online: LexisNexis Congressional Hearings Digital Collection (1869-1969)
  • print: 1935-1969 House and Senate Hearings are shelved by SuDoc Number in the Lower Level (Range 81-83)

U. S. Government Documents

(Lower Level, Range 25-83)

The Law Library is a selective depository for U.S. documents. The materials are arranged according to the Superintendent of Documents (SUDocs) number. Most documents are searchable in the library catalog by title, subject, keyword or SUDocs number. Many documents can circulate outside the building for a 28 day loan period. Most important documents are available electronically from links in the Library's online catalog.

U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments, 1952-present

  • microfiche: File Cabinet 4

U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs

(see also Microforms Collection)

  • online: Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs (1832-1978), LexisNexis Academic (1979-present); both available via Articles & Databases (law)
  • microfiche: File Cabinets 3-4 and 21-26)

Visual Media

(First Level, Reserve)

Collection of VCR) and DVD) format primarily focusing on litigation and trial techniques. Items can be searched in the online catalog by title and/or by format "Visual Media" A TV/DVD/VCR combo player unit is located in a carrel in the North West corner of the First Level.

WSU Law School Examination Questions

(First Level)

Bound volumes from 1970 to date are located in the bookcase across from the circulation/information desk. The current unbound volume is on reserve.