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Shiffman Medical Library subscribes several Mobile Device resources for our users. To download those products remotely, please read authentication instructions first.

To read ebooks from NLM and use clinical decision support tool "FIRSTConsult", users need to download a free reader program and synchronize the content to their Mobile Device. MobiPocket Reader version 5 or higher does not work smoothly with FIRSTConsult. Thus we recommend users to download a Reader from the FirstConsult website. To download FristConsult to a hybrid mobile devices (e.g. PPC Smartphones) without stylus, users need to select manual downloading listed on the user profile page. See download instructions below.

To read sections of textbooks via AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery, users just need to 1) save files to the computer, 2) synchronize files to mobile devices, and 3) view them via a web browser or a suggested reader.

Users can also download other clinical decision support tools (i.e. Essential Evidence Plus, Epocrates Essentials) to their mobile devices and access UpToDate within WSU and DMC wireless enabled buildings.

Please contact us by an email or call the Information Desk at 313-577-1094 for further assistance.


Download a Reader for FIRSTConsult and ebooks from NLM

Step 1: Creating a POCKETConsult Account
Note:You can manage your Elsevier Mobile Device products including FIRSTConsult, calculators, drug updates and MDC news through the POCKETConsult.

  • Now you are on the FIRSTConsult web page. Click the tab "myPOCKETConsult". If you have had an account, log into your POCKETConsult account. If you are first time user, click the button "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" and setup your profile. After creating a POCKETConsult account, you will automatically come to your download summary page.

Step 2: Downloading PocketConsult Reader

  • Click the "Install Reader" button and follow the instructions to download and install POCKETConsult Reader and default channel content to your Mobile Device, and Mobipocket Web Companion to your computer automatically.
    Note: If you have a hybrid mobile device (e.g. PPC smartphone without stylus), you need to select "Manual Download" option. Upload the program to your mobile device and run the installation program (cab file). Follow the instructions on the screen to find and enter PID. Then go to FirstConsult to synchronize the FIRSTConsult content to your device. You probably can launch your FIRSTConsult by tapping the FIRSTConsult file listed under "My Documents".
  • Synchronize your Mobile Device to install POCKETConsult applications

Download FIRSTConsult Content

After downloading a reader, you need to download the content to your Mobile Device. If you have a mobile device (e.g. Windows mobile smartphone), you need to select manual download option. Visit here to see whether you can download FIRSTConsult to your mobile device.

  • Sign in to your PocketConsult account. On your "MyPOCKETConsult" page, click the "Library" link on the top toolbar. Scroll down to the Library section and click the "MODIFY SELECTIONS" button. All the Elsevier Mobile Device titles to which we subscribed are listed under "My Library" page.
  • Select the "Download to Device" or ""Download to Memory Card" option listed under the Action column and Click the "SAVE for NEXT SYNC" button.
  • Perform active sync. The content you selected will be psychronize to your Mobile Device.
  • Tap the POCKETConsult from your Mobile Device start menu to launch POCKETConsult. Then tap "Library" to access FIRSTConsult which includes three components: Differential Diagnosis, Medical Conditions and Search.
  • You can manage your content (e.g. remove or add items) through POCKETConsult


Ebooks from AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery

Download topic(s) or images

  • On the AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery home page, select a book you want to read and then click the links to locate and select the section topic(s) or images you wish to download.
  • To download text, you simply 1) click the link "Download for Mobile Device" on the toolbar; 2) save the file(s) to your computer; 3) synchronize the file(s) to your Mobile Device; and 3) then read it by tapping the link on your mobile device. These files are readable on any Mobile Device that can view HTML files.
  • To download images to your mobile device, you simply 1) click the link ìAdd to My Saved Imagesî; 2) log into your AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery account; 3) view and select the image(s) you like to download; 4) click the button "Download the Selected Images" and then sync the images to your mobile device to view on the way to go.
    Note: If you do not have a personal account on either AccessMedicine or AccessSurgery, click the link “Sign up for a FREE personal account” to sign up for a FREE personal account. Fill in the form and click "Save" button to create a personal account. Please uncheck the box if you do not want to receive email alerts. You only need to create either an AccessSurgery or AccessMedicine account, i.e. you can use the same user name and password for both sites ("AccessMedicine" and "AccessSurgery").

Download USMLE-based customized reading topics to your mobile device
There are 3000+ sample questions with answers and explanations for USMLE Step 1 (1500 Questions), Step 2 (1500 Questions) and Step 3 (300 Questions). You can practice test questions using your desktop PC and then download relevant book sections that may help you study those questions you missed.

  • Click "My AccessMedicine" on the toolbar of home page. A screen will pop up that will require you to log into your AccessMedicine account.
  • After login, click the link "LANGE Self-Assessment Tool" on the home page.
  • You will then see a screen which lists USMLEasy Step 1 (Lite), USMLEasy Step 2 (Lite), and USMLEasy Step 3 (Lite) under the “Enrollment” section. Click a link “USMLEasy Step 1 (Lite)”, “USMLEasy Step 2 (Lite)”, or “USMLEasy Step 3 (Lite)” link and follow the instructions on the screen to practice your exams.
  • You can select either practice or test mode and exam criteria by checking the radio box on the screen. Then click “OK” to start the exam questions.
  • After you finish all the exam questions, click the “Save and Exit" button on the right upper cornner to view your score.
  • In addition to your score, you can click “View a customized reading list” from AccessMedicine. The list that is drawn from AccessMedicine book sections is based on questions you may have missed.
  • After browsing and selecting the topics you wish to download, click the "Save for Mobile Device" link on the toolbar and save the file(s) to your computer. Synchronize the files to your mobile device. Now you can read those topics anytime you like using your mobile device!

Download board-review-based customized reading topics to your mobile device
There are about 3000 sample questions with answers and explanations for board review test on surgery. You can practice test questions using your desktop PC and then download relevant book sections that may help you study those questions you missed. You can also email you the questions with answers and explanation.

  • Click "My AccessSurgery" on the toolbar of home page. A screen will pop up that will require you to log into your AccessSurgey account.
  • After login, click the link "Schwartz's Principles of Surgery: Self-Assessment and Board Review" listed under TEXTBOOKS.
  • Select a topic and practice your exams. After finishing the practice, you can directly email all the questions with answers and explanations, or go to the relevant book sections that may help you study those questions you missed. You can save and download those sections to your mobile device to read later.



School of Medicine students, faculty and staff:All School of Medicine (SoM) users are strongly recommended to use SoM Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access library resources remotely. It facilitates access to WSU resources from the Detroit Medical Center facilities and any other non-WSU remote location (e.g. at home) with any Web browser and Internet connection.

  1. Go to: Enter the same login ID (e.g. zsmith) and password you use for your SOM e-mail account Then add Shiffman Medical Library bookmark on your VPN website
    • Click "+" on the "Web Bookmarks" bar Enter WSU Shiffman Medical Library in the Bookmark Name box and in the "URL" box
    • Click "Add Bookmark" button
  2. Now click the WSU Shiffman Medical Library link to access any library electronic resources (e.g. e-journals, e-books, databases, clinical tools, etc.)

Until you sign out you will be recognized by the university network - without the need for additional passwords. If you are a SoM affiliate and do not have an e-mail account, go to to obtain these credentials.

University Employees:

University employees can use the identical service by pointing your browser to: and using your WSU Access ID(e.g. ab1234) and password for access.

University Students (Non-School of Medicine)

University students can access library resources remotely by using the library system's EZproxy server. Always start your search for library resources from the Shiffman Medical Library web page. (Do NOT use WSU Pipeline to access library resources). When accessing a resource requiring WSU authentication, you will be prompted for your WSU AccessID (e.g. ab1234) and password to validate entry.

Ebooks from the National Library of MedicineYou can download several books from the bookshelf of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) to your Mobile Device.

  • Go to Handheld computer resources in the NCBI Bookshelf page

    Click the download link and save the file to your computer
    Synchronize the file to your Mobile Device
    Read the book
    • Launch your Mobipocket Reader in your Mobile Device and tap the library icon ""
    • Tap the "browse" link and the book title and then read the book.
  • You can sign up to be notified by e-mail when other titles are added to the collection.

Other Products

You can also download clinical decision support tool "Essential Evidence Plus (Formally Inforetriever with InfoPOEMs)" to your Pocket PC or Palm which provides differential diagnosis, evidence-based guideline summaries, clinical rules and calculators, InfoPOEMs, photo gallery, and more. Please visit our Essential Evidence Plus download instructions page for details. SOM undergraduate medical students can download Epocrates Essentials which includes Griffith's 5MCC. Follow the instructions on the Epocrates Essentials page to download the program to your mobile devices.

Updated: 04/28/08