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Overdue and Replacement Policy

Borrowing from other institutions is a privilege and requires that WSU maintains positive relations with partner libraries. Returning materials late (or not at all) jeopardizes relations and affects all library users.

  • A fine of $1.00 per business day will be charged for each item overdue regardless of patron type; e.g. faculty, student or staff. This fine will not be waived.
  • Borrowers will be billed for replacement costs of the item if WSU receives an invoice for replacement of an unreturned item. Patron borrowing privileges are typically suspended until their account is paid in full. If invoiced for replacement, Wayne cannot accept returns or replacement copies in lieu of payment.
  • Faculty, staff or students who have been billed for overdue items more than three times and have not contact interlibrary loan will have their privileges for borrowing through WSU ILL revoked.

Policy Detail

  1. All patrons regardless of status with WSU will be assessed an overdue fee for interlibrary loan materials returned following the due date.
    1. An overdue notice, indicating a fee of $1.00 per day/per item, will be sent the first day following the due date. Failure to receive this notice does not excuse or waive the overdue fee.
      1. Fines will stop accruing but will not be eliminated when the overdue item is returned.
    2. If the overdue material is still not returned, a second overdue notice will be sent. This notice will provide information regarding the fee and a warning that all library services may be blocked if the material is not returned and the account settled.
      1. Upon sending the second notice, ILL staff will block the unsettled patron account from borrowing until such time as the item(s) are returned and the fees paid.
    3. A third and final overdue notice will be issued if the items remain overdue. Should Wayne receive an invoice for replacement, Wayne will immediately and without notice, pay the bill and issue a charge to recuperate costs to the patron account. The patron's WSU library account will be blocked from all borrowing privileges, a block on WSU student enrollment, registration, diplomas and transcripts and will remain in place until the account is paid in full or the material is returned.
      1. The replacement bill will be a minimum of $100 per item. If the library which owns the item charges a higher replacement fee, the higher fee will be assessed.
      2. Patrons with material not returned (e.g. lost or damaged items) will pay the replacement bill, all overdue fees and service processing charges.
      3. Overdue and billed interlibrary loan material cannot be renewed.
      4. If materials are returned after the payment of the replacement fee, we may at our discretion refund the replacement charge minus the service processing fee of $25.00. No refunds for replacement charges will be issued if WSU has already paid the lending library invoice.
      5. Allow for a processing time of 24-72 hours after payment of a billed item for the release of replacement charges and holds on library accounts.
  2. WSU tracks occurrences of overdue items. Repeat offenses that require staff to issue second notices on three or more occasions will result in the permanent revocation of borrowing privileges for items that must be returned.
    1. A notice of status change will be sent.
    2. Only requests for articles in ArticleReach will be processed.
  3. Blocked ILL users who can no longer borrow items that must be returned must meet with the Content Delivery Librarian or Manager to negotiate a return to their original status. This change will require that:
    1. The return of all overdue materials and;
    2. The payment of all outstanding fees and fines; and
    3. Review of the ILL policies is performed
  4. If the patron does not comply with the above within one month of the status change notice, the patron will be blocked from all ILL privileges. Administration retains the right to restore borrowing rights to the patron in any circumstance.
  5. Repeated incidents causing suspension of service may result in permanent loss of privileges.
  6. Non-compliance with requests for the return of the borrowed material may be reported to campus security. Unresolved bills will be sent to a collection agency.