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Item Requests/Paging Service

In order to accesss material from Storage, patrons are obligated to place material requests through an online request form or through the Get It button. Content Delivery staff pull requests and deliver twice a day.

Once the request is complete, an e-mail notificationof the item's availability will be sent.

If the requested item cannot be delivered, Content Delivery staff will contact the requester through e-mail by the scheduled delivery time with a reason for the incompletion, a suggestion for the next course of action and if possible, offer alternative sources for the material. Searchs are made automatically and no further requests need to be made by patrons to provide this service.

Storage does not contact patrons in cases of irretrievable requests until we have exhausted all possible search methods or require more time to search for the material. Users should always check their e-mail prior to making an inquiry regarding their Storage request at the pickup point.