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General Purpose Classrooms and Lecture Halls

Each general-purpose classroom is equipped with technology to enhance the learning environment.

Although we are striving to implement uniform technology in the classrooms, there are various types of media carts in the classrooms. To help ensure a high quality experience, all instructors are strongly encouraged to schedule a brief hardware training session for each type of cart that you will be using. Training can be requested via our Classroom Technology Request Form.

Please note that VCRs and transparency projectors are no longer standard equipment. Those items are available in limited supply on a first-come, first-served basis and must be requested via our Classroom Technology Request Form.

Echo refers to the University-supported Echo 360 Lecture Capture system. Please visit the Echo 360 service page for more information.

Chart Legend
Room TypeClassroom classification based on size and furniture
NetHardwired Internet connection available
EchoEquipped with Lecture Capture hardware/software
W/BNumber of whiteboards/blackboards in classroom
A/VClassroom equipped with audio-visual technology
SeatsNumber of seats available in classroom
LockedClassroom locked/unlocked

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Room # Hidden Room # Building Room Type Net Echo W/B A/V Seats Locked
250 250 Purdy Seminar Room Yes No 1 B Yes 20 Locked
338 338 Purdy Seminar Room Yes No 1 B Yes 20 Locked