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Support the Libraries by Advertising on our Public Computer Backgrounds

Who Can Advertise?
Advertising is open to Wayne State University departments, organizations, student groups and non-profit cultural institutions. For an additional fee, and at the Library System's discretion, businesses in the Wayne State community may also book space. Space fills up very quickly so it is never too early to begin planning.

Please check the reservation calendar before planning the desktops as part of your advertising strategy to be sure that your dates are not already reserved. Typically, we suggest at least two month in advance during the months of November through April and three to four months in advance for September and October.

Is There a Charge for Advertising?
Beginning in fall 2015, the fee schedule is as follows:

$250 for Wayne State University departments, organizations, student groups and non-profit cultural institutions.

$400 for Wayne State community businesses.

The time period is a 7-day week that runs from Monday through Sunday. No partial bookings are available.

All Wayne State reservations are payable by IRB. Payment by check is accepted from non-Wayne State accounts only. All funds collected go towards enhancing library services.

Payment is due at the time of reservation. Reservations will NOT be added to the calendar until payment is received so we encourage you to secure payments early if you wish to reserve certain time periods. If you need assistance in filling out an IRB, please contact the Dean of Students office at 577-1010

What Can I Advertise?
Things like upcoming events, new programs and courses or messages regarding your group or organization are typical items that are advertised on the computer backgrounds. Images must be in good taste, contain no profanity or offensive graphics. All images and messages are subject to approval from the Dean of the Library System. We reserve the right to refuse requests.

What Format Should the Image be Created in?
It is the responsibility of the group or organization to create all graphics. Because of the icons, log off button, task bar and permanent Library System identifier, desktop advertising space is limited to the center area of the screen. Once your reservation is confirmed, the Library System will provide a Photoshop template and specific dimensions for you to create your image in.

Graphics that do not meet the specifications necessary for posting must be resized by the reserving party or, if that party is unable to do so, the Library System graphic designer will make resizing changes at a cost of $50 per hour, with a minimum charge of $50. Payment for resizing is due at time of request. The Library System will not create a graphic for you but will only make sizing changes. All graphics must be submitted for review ONE WEEK prior to the posting date of the event. Images that are not turned in within the proper timeframe may result in the forfeiting of the reservation. Images that are turned in later than one week prior will not realize any refund for any time missed from the week paid for. The Library System reserves the right to cancel the reservation if any of the deadlines are missed without previous contact or explanation.

How Many People Will I Reach by Advertising on the Computers?
Your image will be on over 500 computers throughout the UGL 24 Hour Area, UGL Reference Area, the UGL 2nd Floor, the UGL 3rd Floor, and the Purdy/Kresge Reference Area. During a normal day when classes are in session, people log on to the public computers nearly 10,000 times per day. Each time someone logs on, your image is the first thing that they see on the screen.

How Do I Get Started?
Check the reservation calendar for open dates. Then for more information, contact Jill Wurm through email at

There are NO refunds. Once the reservation has been paid for, it is your responsibility to remember your dates and submit your ad according to the deadlines listed above. We do not send out reminders and we do not return funds if a deadline is missed or you forget.