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EZproxy FAQ

EZproxy is the method which the libraries provide off campus access to many of our licensed resources.


Why do I need to use the proxy service to access library resources?
The Library System subscribes to thousands of electronic resources. Our contracts with these vendors specify that we are allowed to provide access to these resources only from campus workstations OR to remote users if they are a current faculty, staff or student.

When do I need to use the proxy service?
When you are not on campus. Generally you will not need to login, when on campus.

Do I need to change my browser settings?
No, EZproxy requires no setting changes.

What browsers are supported?
The proxy service is browser independent. It should work with any browser.

How do I login?
With your WSU AccessID and password, just like logging into the workstations in the Libraries or your WSU email.

What's the Proxy URL again?
Your electronic resource URL (including the 'http://') should be pasted onto the end of the following EZproxy URL:

Where can I get help?
If you’re having trouble accessing a resource from home, try Ask-A-Librarian.


I'm getting an error message from EZproxy that says:

  • "We're not recognizing your Access ID and/or password."
    EZproxy requires a Wayne State Access ID and password. These are the same id/password that you provide to access Blackboard, Pipeline, Webmail and the workstations in the Libraries.

    If you've forgotten your Access ID or password, or if you're not sure whether you have one, contact the C&IT Help Desk.
  • "This resource is reserved for current faculty, staff or students of Wayne State University."
    Though you have a Wayne State Access ID/password, you don't fall into one of the above categories at the moment. If you believe you've received this message in error, contact the Library Computing Help Desk at 313-577-1154 to review your University status.
  • "We're having trouble connecting to the network."
    The directory that verifies whether you belong to Wayne State is temporarily down. Let the C&IT Help Desk know, then wait a short while and try again.

EZproxy lets me through, but the website/database/journal won't recognize me / wants me to log in / says I'm not a subscriber.

  • First, try going back and checking the link you used to get to this resource. If it was emailed or bookmarked, make sure the link isn't broken (wrapped to a second line, or obviously missing characters at the end). If you can, go back to the Online Journals or Articles and Databases pages and try accessing your resource again there.

    If you still can't get it to recognize you, try Ask-A-Librarian.
  • There are a number of possible reasons for this type of problem:
    1. The resource link you clicked had an incomplete or broken URL (this sometimes happens in bookmarked or emailed links)
    2. Some time has passed since you logged into EZproxy, and you’re no longer authenticated because:
      1. Your session has timed out.
      2. You've browsed outside of the EZproxy-protected resources and EZproxy is no longer proxying your session.
    3. The resource can only be used on campus and doesn't allow remote access at all.
  • Bottom line: try to go back and access the resource from scratch, or Ask-A-Librarian for any of these problems.

I'm getting a blank page / nothing at all when I click on a resource.

  • You may be:
    1. Trying to access EZproxy on port 2048, and behind a firewall that blocks access to port 2048 (in this case, simply delete ":2048" from the URL and try again).
    2. Running spyware protection that misidentifies EZproxy as malware.
    3. Using high-speed dial-up or a web accelerator (try turning off the highspeed or accelerator feature while using ezproxy).
  • Each of these require you to reconfigure settings on your local computer or network. If you’re uncertain how to do this, you could contact the C&IT Help Desk for assistance, or try another remote access method.
  • Bottom line: contact the C&IT Help Desk for any of these problems.