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- Lesson 2 at a glance -

Lesson 2: Learn how to choose a topic and prepare for the research process

When you have completed this lesson you should be able to:

  • Identify various resources and sources of inspiration
  • Translate a research question into keywords
  • Give yourself a self-check before finding resources for your research

Learn: The various sources available for research


Question: Where do I get inspired if I can’t think of a topic?

Learn: To translate a research question into keywords

In this video you will learn how to translate your research question into keywords.

Learn: To translate a research question into keywords

Use this worksheet to plan out your search strategy. Refer back to the previous page if you need help picking out keywords.

Learn: To perform a self-check before finding sources for research

Evaluate Your Topic

Lesson 2 Quiz

The final section of this lesson is a 5 question quiz.

  • Choose your answer, then click the submit button. Sometimes, you may have to scroll down to find the submit button.
  • Searchpath will display a response to your answer. Read the response, then go to the next question.
  • You can take the quiz over again, but you must complete it before retaking any questions. Although you can change your answer to a question during the quiz, only your first response will be recorded.
  • The last page of the quiz displays a summary of your answers. You will be able to print your results, or email them to yourself or another person (your professor, perhaps).

Before We Start:

(For, you know, identifying yourself)

(We're not evil, this just allows you to email your results to yourself)

Lesson 2 Quiz: Question 1

Match the following types of information to the best resource for finding that type:

Lesson 2 Quiz: Question 2

Review the following question for a research paper. Based on the video and keyword worksheet select the response that best fits the keywords you would use to research this topic.

Is global warming portrayed accurately in the media?

Lesson 2 Quiz: Question 3

Review the following question for a research paper. Select the response that best shows the way you would search for this in a database.

Is global warming portrayed accurately in the media?

Lesson 2 Quiz: Question 4

You’re getting ready to start your final paper and a friend from class tells you the paper needs to be on a current event affecting society. Use the self-check list to decide what you should do first.

Lesson 2 Quiz: Question 5

You begin researching your topic and you are finding that the databases only have one or two articles in them, there are no books or encyclopedias relating to your topic, and the librarian says there doesn’t seem to be much research on your topic. Use the self-check to help you identify the problem:

Email the results of this quiz to:

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