- Lesson 3 at a glance -

Lesson 3: How to use the WSU Library Catalog to find books on a topic

When you have completed this lesson you should be able to:

  • recognize that the catalog contains more than books
  • find books on a topic using a Keyword search

Learn: The WSU Library Catalog

The Libraries' online catalog has a record for each of the items that the WSU libraries own. These include:

  • Books and ebooks
  • DVDs and video recordings
  • Music and musical scores

Note: You won't find individual articles in the catalog. You'll learn how to find them by using an article database in Lesson 4.

Question: How do I find the Wayne State Library Catalog?

Wayne State Library homepage

You'll find a link to the Catalog on the Menu on the Wayne State Library System homepage (library.wayne.edu)

Question: How may I search the library catalog?

There are several options for searching the library catalog:

Type of Search Example
Keyword "Global Warming"
Title "The Great Gatsby"
Author "Nathaniel Hawthorne"

Learn: Searching for books in the WSU Library Catalog

This video will show you how to search for items using the library catalog.

Question: How do I use Get It?

This video explains how to use the Wayne State University Library System's "Get It" service.

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Lesson 3 Quiz

The final section of this lesson is a 4 question quiz.

  • Choose your answer, then click the submit button. Sometimes, you may have to scroll down to find the submit button.
  • Searchpath will display a response to your answer. Read the response, then go to the next question.
  • You can take the quiz over again, but you must complete it before retaking any questions. Although you can change your answer to a question during the quiz, only your first response will be recorded.
  • The last page of the quiz displays a summary of your answers. You will be able to print your results, or email them to yourself or another person (your professor, perhaps).

Before We Start:

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Lesson 3 Quiz: Question 1

The catalog can help you find many types of materials. Which of the following cannot be found in the catalog?

Lesson 3 Quiz: Question 2

Use the library catalog from the library homepage (https://library.wayne.edu) to search for the terms: College Retention. Which library is the book "College student retention : formula for student success?" located in?

Lesson 3 Quiz: Question 3

A. This book is checked out.

B. The book is located in the:

Lesson 3 Quiz: Question 4

Search for the following book by cutting and pasting the title into Catalog search box, (https://library.wayne.edu): Global warming and the world trading system

What is the call number of the book?

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