- Lesson 5 at a glance -

Lesson 5: Learn how to use and evaluate the internet as a source of information

When you have completed this lesson you should be able to:

  • Identify criteria to judge information retrieved from the internet
  • Find quality information on the internet effectively

Learn: Criteria for evaluating internet sites

Use this video to review criteria used to evaluate internet resources for quality.

Learn: To use Research Guides to find quality sources of information

This video shows you how guides, created by librarians, can help you find good quality resources on the internet.

Click the button below to see all the Research and How-To Guides.

Learn: “Tips and Tricks” for searching and using the internet

Tips and Tricks

Lesson 5 Quiz

The final section of this lesson is a 9 question quiz.

  • Choose your answer, then click the submit button. Sometimes, you may have to scroll down to find the submit button.
  • Searchpath will display a response to your answer. Read the response, then go to the next question.
  • You can take the quiz over again, but you must complete it before retaking any questions. Although you can change your answer to a question during the quiz, only your first response will be recorded.
  • The last page of the quiz displays a summary of your answers. You will be able to print your results, or email them to yourself or another person (your professor, perhaps).

Before We Start:

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Lesson 5 Quiz: Question 1

Visit the following website: http://climate.nasa.gov/ Use your navigation and evaluation skills to determine who produced the content for the page.

Lesson 5 Quiz: Question 2

There are various domains for websites. Which domain would have a website written by a group of people educating the public about global warming, not for profit?

Lesson 5 Quiz: Question 3

The guides made by the subject librarians at Wayne State University can help you find the correct database for your research and:

Lesson 5 Quiz: Question 4

Which of the following is a good use of the Internet?

Lesson 5 Quiz: Question 5

Visit the following website: http://blogs.plos.org/ecology/

What type of Internet resource is this?

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