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Undergraduate Textbook Reserve Policy

Under Wayne State University’s David Adamanny Undergraduate Library Textbook policy the library is limited to purchasing one copy of most textbooks for General Education Introductory (1000-2000) level courses only. Under this policy the library will retain a limited number of previous editions of some textbooks.

Faculty may request the library to purchase a single copy of a textbook and additional material not owned by the library to go on Course Reserves. Faculty and Departments are welcome to provide additional textbook copies to be placed on Course Reserve.


What is course reserve?

Course Reserves refer to library materials that are gathered together, in print format in accordance with U.S. Copyright Policies, and temporarily given a restricted circulation location to support the work of a specific class for at least the duration of a semester.

The purpose of placing materials on Reserve is to make common reading assignments readily available to a large number of students within a relatively short period of time. Reserves are specifically tied to the general curriculum and individual classes.

What classes will the Library purchase textbooks?

We will purchase one (1) copy of a textbook for undergraduate General Education Introductory (1000-2000 level) courses only.

What defines an introductory course?

We are using the criteria as specified in Wayne State University’s class description from the online Undergraduate Bulletin.

What if I am in a large class of 100 or more students?

A student should notify and discuss his or her concerns with the instructor of the course. A faculty member who finds that the Undergraduate Textbook Service and Course Reserve collections does not satisfactorily support a course can bring extra (department or personal) copies of the material to the library and we will place those items on reserve.

What happens if a library textbook is stolen or damaged?

The Library System will incur the cost of replacing the item.

Are there any other alternatives available to me instead of buying a textbook?

Yes, there is a popular service you can use to try to find your textbooks called MeLCat. There are no guarantees that the item(s) will be available; however, if they are available you will have a 21 day loan period and a possible renewal. Also, Barnes & Noble bookstore has introduced a new textbook rental program which allows you to rent the textbook you need at a reasonable cost.