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Shiffman Liaison Services

Liaison librarians are assigned to specific colleges, departments, and programs to expedite requests and provide more tailored support for your information needs. Librarians can assist in the following areas:


We can perform in-depth literature searches, search grant databases, locate hard-to-find articles, design complex search strategies for various databases, and participate in conducting systematic reviews.

Research and publishing support

We can help create data management plans, ensure compliance with funding agency public access policies, identify appropriate journals for publishing your articles, set up ORCID author identifiers, look up article citations and calculate your h-index, and increase the visibility of your work.

Course-integrated instruction

We can help select library resources to include in Blackboard, create online guides for your courses, and teach students how to perform literature searches and use EndNote.

Area Liaison Email Phone
Academic and Student Programs Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Anatomy and Cell Biology Akers, Katherine fr8961 (313) 577-9593
Anesthesiology Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Ella Hu fo6572 (313) 577-8943
Continuing Medical Education Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Dermatology Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Emergency Medicine Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Wu, Wendy ab6840 (313) 577-0586
Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences Ella Hu fo6572 (313) 577-8943
Graduate Medical Education Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Immunology and Microbiology Ella Hu fo6572 (313) 577-8943
Internal Medicine Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Karmanos Cancer Institute Ella Hu fo6572 (313) 577-8943
Neurology Akers, Katherine fr8961 (313) 577-9593
Neurosurgery Akers, Katherine fr8961 (313) 577-9593
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Oncology Ella Hu fo6572 (313) 577-8943
Ophthalmology Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Orthopaedic Surgery Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Otolaryngology Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Pathology Ellis-Danquah, La Ventra ab8759 (313) 577-9083
Pediatrics Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Pharmacology Wu, Wendy ab6840 (313) 577-0586
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Physiology Akers, Katherine fr8961 (313) 577-9593
Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences Akers, Katherine fr8961 (313) 577-9593
Radiology Wu, Wendy ab6840 (313) 577-0586
Surgery Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665
Urology Martin, Sandra aa8801 (313) 577-6665